Schneeeule (Snowy Owl) is beer history coming to life. Their beers are brewed with yeast they found in more than 50-year-old beer bottles (for real!). Forget everything you know about Weissbier and get to know the authentic sour Berliner Weisse. These Dumbledores of beer are happy to tell you all about their journey at Just in Baxfest.

Who are these guys?

Schneeeule is the brainchild of Ulrike Genz. She drank Berliner Weisse for the first time in 2012 when she was in college. She was immediately hooked.

By the mid-1990s, all Berlin breweries had been bought up by ‘Big-beer’. So there was no real Berliner Weisse in Berlin anymore. Schneeeule changed that with the establishment of their own brewery in 2016.

Using historic yeasts from the bottles of the last breweries that existed after World War II, they try to replicate the original as closely as possible: A bottled Weissbier with practically unlimited shelf life.

The bottle aging gives the Weissbier its unmistakable flavor. The longer the beer matures, the finer the flavors.

As a tribute to modern craft beer, they took to maturing the beer in wooden barrels. By using various other ingredients, such as ginger, flowers or peppers, Schneeeule is giving Berliner Weisse a modern twist.

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