The story goes that Aart, founder of brewery Walhalla, was visited by ancient Gods. The Gods called on him to brew the beers they liked. At least that’s what Aart himself says. Anyway: he started doing it and with success! He named all the beers after the ancient Gods who asked him to brew the beers. So avoid your Ragnarok and be surrounded by Zeus, Loki and Njord and find your Valhalla at Just in Baxfest 2024.

Who are these guys?

In 2016, founder Aart van Bergen hung up his Saxophone and decided to brew beer. Walhalla’s beers are inspired by ancient Gods. Not only Nordic gods, but also Egyptian and oriental ones, for example.

Walhalla’s brewery and tasting room in Amsterdam North is a hot spot for beer and music lovers, because although Aart is no longer a paid musician, music is still important.

Walhalla brews a wide variety of styles: Pale Ale, IPA, Stout, Sours, Tripel, Wit. In 2023, their West Coast IPA Nisaba (Goddess of grain in Mesopotamia, among others) was nominated for Nederlands Favoriete Bierlijst (some sort of Billboard Hot 100 for beers) by the Dutch Beer Ambassador.

Hungry for more knowledge on Walhalla?

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