TLDR: VandeStreek is coming to Just in Baxfest, they might bring barrel aged beers and also a lot of different beers (from Tripel to Saison and from Sour to IPA).

Who are these guys?

Sander and Ronald VandeStreek are the namesakes of the VandeStreek brewery. What once began as a home brewery in a kitchen in Utrecht’s Kanaleneiland district has now grown into one of the Netherlands’ largest independent breweries.

BOB (not short for ‘Bring Own Beer’ but some strange Flemish name for the designated driver) also gets his money’s worth at VandeStreek. It’s safe to say that these guys are the pioneers of the non alcoholic IPA’s in the Netherlands.

Besides their no-and-lo offerings they brew almost all styles of beers and they have an excellent barrel ageing program going on. Be sure to check them out at Just in Baxfest.

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