Sudden Death brewing company


These guys are no strangers to Just in Baxfest. As close friends to the Baxbier brewery they will be featuring for the third year in a row on Just in Baxfest. Don’t miss their yummy IPA’s, thick sours and maybe even a weizen or so at Just in Bax Fest.

Who are these guys?

Ice hockey fans Olli and Ricky were fed up with the blandnes of the German beer culture. Inspired by the craft beer scene in Boston they started to develop their own beers!

The name ‘Sudden Death’ refers to something like a golden goal in ice hockey. For Olli and Ricky it’s the most exciting moment in an ice hockey match. And that’s what they want their beers to b, too: most extraordinary, innovative, new, juicy, tasty, yummy, a wide range of the best and most exciting tastes you can imagine.

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