Protokoll Brewery


Protokoll is known as one of the best craft beer bars in Berlin. For a few years now, however, they have also been making their own beers. The labels are “functional,” but don’t let that fool you. Protokoll’s IPAs are definitely among our most favorite beers. We think it’s pretty cool that Vadim from Protokoll is coming to Just in Baxfest and bringing a healthy supply of his beers.

Who are these guys?

Vadim is the founder of Protokoll. Originally from Dauvgapils (former Soviet Union, now Latvia and nothing to do with Pilsener), he came to Berlin in 2005. In 2017 – after some wandering around the world – he started Protokoll Taproom in Friedrischhain (East Berlin). The taproom is not large, but it has no less than 24 taps. In the taproom, he provided an “east meets west” selection of craft beers: from his native Russia, Germany, Europe and American beers.

For a few years now, the taproom is not the only thing Protokoll does. Since two years there are also the Protokoll beers. They can be recognized by their “functional” label. But don’t let this label fool you: the beers themselves are of high quality and the IPAs are among our favorites. Not surprisingly, the guys at Folkingebrew have already done a collab with Vadim.

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