Northern Meadery

Northern Meadery / Noordelijke Mederij


Mead is some sort of honey wine, so why is there a meadery at a craft beer festival? Well, just because we can (and because mead is also on Untappd). And because this meadery from our beautiful region is the best in the world. And you don’t have to just take our word for that: In the worldwide Mead Madness Cup several meads from the Northern Meadery made their way to the podium. So, we invite you to meet the viking behind Viking Mead at Just in Baxfest 2024.

Who are these guys?

High up north, in Groningen’s Westerkwartier region, Northern Mead was founded in 2019. What once started as a hobby has grown into a real business. It is Danique’s passion to make the best mead and get others excited to learn about and enjoy this drink of the Gods!

Northern Mead makes several types of mead including a lot of barrel aged stuff. Their “standard” mead is the Viking Mead. This name must be heavily inspired by the mead maker’s appearance. Come to his bar at Just in Baxfest to see what we mean by this and try his excellent meads of course!

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