Funky Fluid


Craft beer festivals are all about discovering new tastes. And Just in Bax fest is no different. That’s why were incredibly proud to have Funky Fluid at the Fest. Their large range of different styles are guaranteed to surprise your taste buds. So polish your Polish and meet them at our festival for your fix of their famous Gelatooo.

Who are these guys?

Funky Fluid was founded in 2019 by three guys in Warsaw, Poland: a brewer, a sales guy and someone who organized craft beer festivals. They’re well known for a host of different styles: from IPA to stouts. But perhaps their most popular creations are the unbelievably thick ice-cream-smoothie sours: the Gelato series.

These guys know what they’re doing. And you don’t have to take our word for it: in their first year they were voted third best new brewery by So it’s safe to say we’re dealing with three wise men from the east.

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