FrauGruber is not an old woman doing laundry. It’s Enzo Frauenschuh and Matthias Gruber who are doing the brewing. They’re located in Gundelfingen (no, not that wizard school in Germany, but a town on the Danube) brewing some of the best IPAs, stouts and sours in Germany. And they are coming to Just in Baxfest! And we are incredibly proud of that

Who are these guys?

In the winter of 2016, the two Augsburgers, Enzo Frauenschuh and Matthias Gruber, founded FrauGruber Brewing (FRAUenschuh + GRUBER = FrauGruber) and brewed their first beers in the spring of 2017 at the “Old Factory” in Gundelfingen. In the following 3 years, FrauGruber managed to permanently export their beers to more than 20 countries.

Because the guys had lots of ideas, they opened their own brewery in 2020 to finalize their mission: making beert that are delicious and FRAUGRUBERLICIOUS…..

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