Folkingebrew showing up at Just in Baxfest is probably not really a surprise. Their cradle is in the back of Just in Beer and they brew most of their beers at the Baxbier brewery. We consider them as close friends. And close friends are always invited when one throws a party.

Who are these guys?

These guys started their brewing in the back yard of JUST IN BEER in the Folkingestraat in Groningen (hence the name ‘Folkingebrew’). The IPA’s from Folkingebrew are among the best in Europe (according to their Untappd ratings). And now they’re also putting out some excellent stouts. Your are cordially invited to try their beers at our Fest. And you are more than welcome to discover where it al began in our shop at 18 Folkingestraat in Groningen.

Hungry for more knowledge on Folkingebrew?

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