Floem from Appingedam is known for its hop forward beers. Edwin, the brewer of Floem, finds quality and good taste important. That’s why he combines experience, research and inspiration to create well-drinkable beers that are balanced and full of flavor. If it’s up to us, his beers are among the best in the Netherlands and we gladly count him among our closest beer friends.

Who are these guys?

We know Edwin, the brewer of Floem, very well. We can tell that he takes his work very seriously. Each beer is preceded by a lot of research into, for example, water profiles, mouthfeel, etc. And all we can say is that it shows in the final result.

Floem is named after a stream near Appingedam. The stream supplied clean drinking water to the town, making it a center for brewing in the 1400s. Edwin wants to bring brewing back to Appingedam with a range of hop forward beers. Until he has his own brewery in his hometown, his beers will be brewed at the Baxbier Brewery.

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