Bermuda Craft Brewing

Bermuda Craft Brewing


The Bermuda triangle does not only make things disappear, there’s also something really cool coming from it: Bermuda Craft Brewing. One of the brewers has also worked at Bax Beer Brewery, but as a brewery, Bermuda Craft Brewing is visiting Europe for the first time. You must have this (because after our festival, you’ll have to fly to Bermuda first to taste it again).

Who are these guys?

Mates Freddy and Cameron were all about experimenting with home brews and creating beer to enjoy with family and friends – mostly crafted outside Cameron’s garage. Fusing their passion for beer with their love for the island, things quickly became more serious and Bermuda Craft Brewing was born. With a limited selection of locally crafted beer on the island, the opportunity was there to grab.

The guys launched with three flagship brews (Citra smash, 64west & whitecaps) that were fine-tuned over the years. They’re now a fully-fledged, modest, no-fuss micro-brewery located at the heart of the island, all their beers are proudly brewed and canned in Bermuda.

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