Bereta Brewing Co.


A brewery that says that their beers are as unbalanced as it gets has our attention immediately. Meet Bereta from Romania. They are known for their heavily hopped IPAs and heavily fruited sours (so thick you almost need knife and fork to consume them). We are super excited that they are bringing all that goodness to Just in Baxfest 2024.

Who are these guys?

When Adrian and SIlviu met at an Airsoft game in 2012, it was clear: They both REALLY love drinking beer. Two years later, they started home brewing. That proved to be not enough because in 2016 their first beers flowed from the tanks. At first, this was still done at Ground Zero in Bucharest, but since 2018 they have their own brewery – near Timisoara.

Bereta’s focus is on hop forward IPAs, really thick sours and pastry stouts. In short: flavor explosions!

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