Ārpus Brewing Co.


Whoever thought that craft beers need to have names that stem from rock’n’roll, movies, serial killers, vitamins, actors, porn stars, bandwagons – well you know what we mean. Whoever thinks that clearly doesn’t know Ārpus. At Ārpus they won’t spend days to come up with punny names describing their beers; they just describe them! So when they name a beer TDH Riwaka DIPA you’ll know that it is a Triple Dry Hopped Double IPA with Riwaka hops. Easy!

Who are these guys?

Ārpus Brewing Co. is an independent microbrewery, founded in 2017 by craft beer geeks from Latvia. They’re located just outside the Latvian Capital of Riga. Ārpus brew what they love – juicy hop forward ales, fruity sour beers and bold imperial stouts. Ārpus Brewing Co. is voted as #1 brewery in the Baltic States on Untappd.

Ārpus is the Latvian word for something that reflects the types of beers Ārpus brews – outside the box, beyond the mass made lagers, beers with overwhelming flavours and aromas for people brave enough to step out of their comfort zone.

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