Fifth Frame


Ok, imagine this: You are in the USA, you visit a small brewery, you tell the owner you are planning a festival and he reacts by saying: ‘Can I come?’

This is pretty much exactly what happend to Kasper when he met Jon from Fifth Frame Brewing Co. in NY. So here we are announcing this amazing addition to our line up. Since they started brewing in 2017 they made over 400 different beers in over 50 different styles.

With an average Untappd score of 4.08 we think it’s safe to say they know how to brew a good beer.

Who are these guys?

Jon, Wade and Jarred, 3 fans of coffee, bowling and beer founded Fifth Frame in 2017. In the morning it’s a breakfast restaurant annex coffee shop and in the afternoon it’s a craft beer bar. And bowling? The place features furniture salvaged from an old bowling alley. The name also stems from bowling: the Fifth Frame is a bowling round also referred to as “the beer frame”: whoever gets the lowest score buys the next round.

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